Due to the expressed interest in applying to the program, we are exceptionally extending the deadline for applying to Stage 2.

We are launching the call for more advanced climate startups to join us in Stage 2 and Stage 3.


Join us at all-European accelerator ClimAccelerator Beyond 2022 with the possibility of co-financing the best environmental projects.

EIT Climate-KIC and Bogatin invite you to join the new accelerator ClimAccelerator beyond 2022, which for the second year in a row, in addition to many support activities, also financial awards for the best projects and many investment opportunities.

ClimeAccelerator is an accelerator created as a result of a partnership of five different countries
(Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Greece and Slovenia) and EIT Climate-KIC organizations.

If you are a startup or have a great project and need a boost for your innovative environment solutions, we invite you to submit your application.

STAGE 2 – CUSTOMER TRACTION (August – up to 5 months):

The 2nd stage of the ClimAccelerator helps move startups with a well-defined business model to the phase of validation and customer acquisition. Teams can focus on acquiring their first or new customers and an iterative process of business model validation while receiving continuing support from expert coaches and mentors and participating in workshops and other programme activities.

You will enter into partnership relationship with Climate KIC trough climate SAFE agreement. You will receive EUR 50,000 direct investment from Climate KIC as a convertible loan investment. Climate KIC will provide you with 2-year support in building relationship trough the ecosystem, actively searching for your further investment and providing support in expanding your business to new heights.

Climate-SAFE Investment Terms:

  • EUR 50,000
  • No valuation cap
  • EUR 250,000 qualifying round
  • 20% discount
  • 24 month longstop

Selected startups will be also able to display their ventures in several internal and external showcase events. Participating teams can receive grants of up to EUR 20K after an assessment process from the Jury committee.


Stage 2 is designed for developed projects. It is focused on detailed topics of marketing, finance, sustainability and more.

  • Climate Impact assessment & validation
  • International pitching and networking
  • Master Mind session
  • Individual mentoring
  • Climate impact assessment workshop
  • Certainty of partnership (SAFE agreement)
  • Grant up to EUR 20,000 + possible further investment up to EUR 50,000

Entry criteria:
Stage 2 is open to any potential candidates with more maturity business, which fulfill additional two criteria – Long term perspective and Feasibility.

STAGE 3 – INVESTOR READINESS (September – up to 3 months):

The 3rd and final stage of the acceleration programme prepares startups for a future of investment rounds and scaling. Startups will be accepted on an individual basis and receive a dedicated venture manager. Support interventions will be focused on investment readiness support & investment opportunities.

In Stage 3 preparation for investment attraction, scaling, and building collaborations are the key pillars.

  • Thematic sessions on business development
  • Meetings with different industry mentors
  • Climate Impact assessment & validation
  • Networking and collaboration
  • Insight into further investment opportunities
  • Targeted support from Venture Manager
  • Funding: no grant, but qualitative program content aimed for investment attraction

Entry criteria: 
Stage 3 is open to all candidates who reach eligibility creiteria for Stage 1/2  plus meet the Local criteria  – Investment Readiness.


    What is the stage of your project?

    ClimAccelerator is a global programme giving start-ups access to innovate, catalyse, and scale the potential of their climate solutions. Both theme-based and place-based acceleration programs are run. It’s about building a bridge between the world’s industry experts and systems to break new ground in carbon reduction.

    EIT Climate-KIC has more than 450+ global partners, from universities, businesses, cities and NGOs. ClimAccelerator is present in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.


    The ClimAccelerator environmental accelerator program offers:

    · You will boost your contact list with interesting projects, representatives of successful companies and new partners from local and international environments.

    · Help with experts with financing, marketing, or any issues you might need to solve.

    · Help you develop your basic entrepreneurship skills and broaden your vision.

    · Introducing you to local as well as international investors who can bring along finances to your project.

    · During Stage 2 you will be guided by a chosen experienced mentor who will help you get on the right course and stay on it.

    · In Stage 2 you will be negotiating Service for equity agreement with our partner Climate-KIC and receive additional support and services.

    Most activities take place online and in English.

    ClimAccelerator is a 3-year project and in those three years, we are planning on accelerating more than 180 startups on the consortium level. We are a partner of a consortium that includes IH Prague, IH Zagreb, IH Athens and IH Belgrade.

    The programme helps start-ups with the professional resources, knowledge, network and in documenting your climate potential credibility. It presents climate impact indicators, financial key performance indicators, making it easier for potential investors to see how they can maximise the climate impact return on their investment and ensure they’re supporting start-ups with validated potential.

    Benefits for start-ups

    • Coaching, mentoring, and peer-to-peer learning.
    • Financial support.
    • A worldwide network of industry, education and research partners.
    • Exposure to customers, partners and investors.
    • Support in estimating and validating your climate impact.
    • Access to different investment opportunities, e.g. ClimAccelerator Marketplace.

    ClimAccelerator project timeline

    For more information please contact Ksenja Jaklic,